TRS-80 Luggable Gets Fresh Face, New Gear

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It’s true that this TRS-80 Mannequin 4P “luggable” was in higher form than most of the classic machines that go via the palms of [Drygol], however that doesn’t make the end result of its refurbishment and upgrade process any less impressive. In spite of everything, not each rebuild must be a once-in-a-lifetime achievement.

No, the case didn’t should get pieced again collectively by hand, and the board didn’t have to have half of its traces recreated. However the outer plastic was actually in want of a superb retrobright therapy, the keyboard was overdue for a cleansing, and the capacitors within the PSU had been predictably due for retirement. After [Drygol] acquired via with it, the machine was again in like-new situation. However then, we are able to do some higher than that…

Set up of the brand new Grafyx board.

So into the refreshed pc went a number of community-developed modifications, together with a M3SE expander that provides Compact Flash and Ethernet help to the TRS-80 and a high-resolution Grafyx video board. In basic [Drygol] fashion, each effort was made to combine these upgrades as seamlessly as potential. After struggling for a bit to discover a 5.25″ drive that may write a disk the TRS-80 would really learn, all the required information to get the upgrades working had been transferred over, and the system was booting into TRSDOS.

We’ve coated loads of [Drygol]’s restorations, and by no means get uninterested in seeing how these previous and damaged machines get a brand new lease on life as soon as they arrive out the opposite finish. Whether or not it’s a relatively easy task of swapping out some dud chips, or utilizing each trick within the guide to piece together what’s left of a computer’s case, they all the time present an unimaginable stage of dedication and a spotlight to element you could’t assist however admire.

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