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Logitech g600 for Lightspeed Bluetooth Gaming Mouse review


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G 604 hasn’t changed that much since the G 602 Bluetooth Mouse it’s as yet an ergonomic right-gave mouse with a distending thumb rest and six little thumbs fasten now anyway. 

You get an all-black chassis with textured rests for your palm and thumb two buttons. Next to the left-click adjust dots per inch sensitivity up and down and therefore the scroll wheel clicks in three directions. There also are two buttons within the center that adjust scroll wheel tension and wireless connectivity. 

Otherwise, the mouse remains comfortable to carry and maybe a touch friendlier to claw grip players than to their palm grip counterparts. The thumb buttons also are far better than before with easy to click protrusions instead of tiny prisms differentiating. The buttons even without looking are pretty easy which is sweet for players within the midst of a demanding skill rotation.

G 604 Bluetooth Gaming Mouse

The G 604 plays well across the board surprisingly the six small thumb buttons won me over albeit. I expected that. I’d find them too hard to differentiate from each other. The mouse also works fine for other skills in the Age of Mythology, a real-time strategy game. 


It is easy enough to assign common buildings and control groups to the thumb buttons. While you’ll do an equivalent with special skills in overwatch and grief. all the corollary here is that you simply don’t actually need all the additional buttons for many genres. 

The buttons and components are all fine. But the remainder of the G 604itss some issues first and foremost is the actual shape of the mouse. This seems to stay your thumb poised to use the side buttons. But it didn’t feel natural or comfortable for my not particularly large hands.

When holding the mouse naturally my thumb barely reaches the tiny thumb wing at its base, the G 600 for light speed sinks to Logitech’s gaming configuration software. G hub the latter is generally speaking an excellent piece of software.

It’s extremely easy to read and reconfigure everything on the mouse setting dpi presets creating macros and assigning inputs for side buttons and scroll wheel tilt inputs. 

The G 604 can store up to five onboard profiles, so you’ll carry them around with you. You’ll also store as many profiles as you wish in G hub on your PC. You can line up and sync configuration profiles for all the games in your library at the end of the G 600 for Lightspeed offers.

 A trade-off you’ll get all the buttons you would like or need for a posh game with plenty of hotkeys but to urge them you want to effect a mouse that does not feel as comfortable 

Because it cuts personally, I always prioritize shape when a mouse feels good in your hand, everything else falls into place and you learn to use your system within the most effective way.

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