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iPhone 10 R or Best Buy iPhone XR you can buy mid 2020 and this is gonna be if you’re looking for the best iPhone value.


 I have a quite a few reasons why I think this is the case and I’m very happy that Apple did include or decide to keep this iPhone in the lineup even after the launch of the 2020s now if we go over here to the Apple Store you can see that the price point is around $5.99 or you can trade and get it for 449 which is a heck of a deal here now so that’s the first one price just the price of the iPhone 10 R is still pretty good and you know that’s just apples prices you know if you look elsewhere.

you’re gonna find this even cheaper than ever before and for everything you’re getting here it’s an even better value than when the iPhone 10 just first comes out and I know a lot of people gonna say well the iPhone 11 is better than that phone and it’s also not much more.

Why not just spring for that well that’s because you can find this for $200 cheaper in some cases now the second reason is gonna be the color option so this is the coral Edition I used to have the product red but I got rid of that one but if we go over here to Apple Store.

I still think the 10r has some of the best color options on any phone out there. You have red yellow white coral black or blue and these actually are a little bit more you know vibrant colors than the iPhone 11 which are a little bit more toned down they’re not quite as bright so, I do think the color options that come for the 10 are make it one of the better picks.

Because you can really personalize it to your own liking here for the 10 are now. Next up besides the smart HDR camera that comes on the SE besides you know this phone including the a 13 I think that the 10r is the better phone and the better pic than the iPhone SE from 2020. And the reason why is in most respects it’s just a better phone than this guy over here.

I mean by that well the build quality it feels a little bit more sturdy it’s just got a thicker piece of aluminum around the edges of this phone. It also does have a better display mostly because it’s larger not so much because it’s a sharper it’s not really sharper but it’s a lot larger so I think for the money you’re getting a lot more of a value in the display and the next one is that the battery life is so far away better than the iPhone see it’s not even close so this he doesn’t even come close to the iPhone 10 hours battery life and my health right.

Here has now dipped down to around 96% but it’s still getting through easily through a day and in my recent battery test about a month ago I think was three weeks or so ago this phone actually beat the SE quite easily. So, yeah the 10r is a fantastic performer in battery life next up also is just the phone has more modern operations. If we go into the App Store we swipe through you can see the gestures are here so that just makes it feel more.

Up-to-date more 2020 than the best buy iPhone XR , SE and a lot of people are gonna buy that because of the touch ID but at the same time I’m just explaining reasons

Why I think that the iPhone 10 R is one of the best buy iPhone XR to buy middle of 2020. It’s the cheapest way you’re gonna get the modern iPhone experience to the face ID. The gestures the bigger you know iPhone with the notch it’s just the more modern looking iPhone of 2020 this is the cheapest way you’re gonna get on it right now the next reason is the iPhone 10 R.

Does have the a 12 Bionic chip set and that means that it’s gonna be a beast for years to come no matter. What you’re doing this chip just flies through everything I don’t care if you’re editing video. I don’t care if you’re going through you know some gaming anything the phone just absolutely flies in the performance so the a12 Bionic chipset is a key reason why you might want to consider picking up the


iPhone 10 our next reason is just having face idea. I’m bored here for the iPhone 10 our just makes this a nice option I mean if you want face.

ID I think it’s a good reason why you might want to pick up the 10r right now if you don’t want to pay you know the premium iPhone prices you can definitely get this with face ID and remember. What I’m talking about prices I’m coming from the u.s. price point perspective I know a lot of you are not from us ten are you like what the heck are you talking about Nick that phone is not that price well remember location I’m filming out of the u.s.


So these are the price points I’m discussing in this Article, and yeah so, I know that prices fluctuate in different countries. This might not apply to you a lot of this should apply to you but if you’re not and you have some recommendations for some great phones in this price category drop them down below that would be appreciated now.

The next one is the clean design the iPhone 10 R just has a really nice clean design a single-camera nothing too fancy just one camera one flash right there we do have you know, Apple logo right here Apple logo did come down to the middle and iPhone logo it’s gone now.

That’s a little bit cleaner on the eleven. But I think for this price range you are getting a really nice clean looking iPhone right here nothing out of the ordinary nothing too fancy but still you know a luxurious iPhone right here. that’s one of my reasons.

why I think this is one of the better options out there just a very clean simple practical iPhone design. Next up is the camera now while the iPhone 11 pro max as well as the iPhone 11 and the SE all have some more updated cameras. The 10r is no slouch and while there is no night mode on the 10r it still produces fantastic results with fantastic video performance that will give you up to 4k 60 on this phone now when it comes to the front camera.

I must state that the front camera on the iPhone 10 R is not quite as good as some of the newer iPhones. That are capable up to 4k 60. However it’s a little bit, however it’s better than the one on the iPhone SE as it can do 1080 60. On the front of this camera and the next reason why the iPhone 10 R is the best buy iPhone xr value mid 2020 is the battery this is the most battery life.

You’re gonna get in this price range beating out things like the iPhone 8 plus even and I find it to be even better than. The 10s so this is a fantastic option for your battery you know if you want to get great battery life. And you want to do it at the lowest price point possible. You’re gonna want to go with this 10 Arbonne it’s just absolutely annihilating the iPhone.

I see in pretty much every respect standby time is longer you know usage time is longer so ten are huge plus for the battery life. And you’ll just see people commenting about how much they love the battery life on this phone. I haven’t seen really many any people saying it sucks there cuz it really just doesn’t number nine is that you’re just getting a better device than your older success. you’re getting a better device then you’re seven you’re eight you’re eight plus and it’s often cheaper.

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